Planting Roots
in the City

Finding a space is easy, finding the right space is almost fucking impossible. Hous is located in the heart of the Arts District, in Downtown Los Angeles, an area filled with passionate young creatives.

A Blank Canvas with Infinite Potential

We walked in and saw this raw, industrial space with 15-foot ceilings. It was 1600 square feet, but it felt like twice that. It just breathed.

Live, Breathe and Create

All great things start with an idea. When it was time to bring ours to reality, we built a team of true craftsman that were as serious about this project as we were.

Laying the Foundations

From start to finish Minuskin oversaw every aspect of his studio’s design and creation, working diligently with a hand-picked team of subcontractors.

No Detail Too Small

Beauty and strength lie in the subtle details. Every object in every space serves a purpose. Wood, concrete, stainless steel and marble are the primary elements at play.

Focus on the Timeless

Always quality over quantity…Eliminate what's unnecessary until only the essentials remain. If you do it right, it will last forever.

Art & Design Are One

Rethinking the traditional studio practice. It’s not just about tattooing. It’s not just about painting. It’s not just about one thing anymore. It’s grown bigger than that.

without the ‘e’

The philosophy of the studio is about bringing people together who are passionate about what they do and create great work. Hous is a tattoo studio and creative space, where the next generation of artists and designers can all live under one roof and thrive.

Inside the Studio

Enter the Studio