Bridging the Gap

A rare opportunity to connect with the work on a deeper level and begin building a collection of Noah’s work outside of his tattoo art.

Looking Back, Before Looking Forward

This body of work is dealing with subject material rooted in our shared nature & struggles with humanity. The viewer is asked to simply slow down and think.

A Process Rooted in the Renaissance

Inspired by the working practice and techniques of the old masters, focusing on creating work that will live beyond our time.

Large Oil on Panel

With every person navigating through life, one may confront many forks in the road, as they continue to grow and move forward. Some of those challenges present themselves before one is even conscious of that fact. To break free of strong influences, one has to be both strong and courageous. This painting is one that deals with the past, look sat the present, and focuses on what's to come.

First Born
Oil on panel
24" x 30"
Serious inquiries only
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