Book Design

Begin with Passion…Arrive at Humility

Journey through the work of Noah Minuskin and his vision with Hous Studios through this limited edition Monograph, Artist’s Book.

Learn the Rules…So You Can Break Them

For the first time experience full page spreads of Noah’s tattoo work, including an extensive Catalogue of his Painting practice.

Quality in Every Detail

This Limited Edition book is presented with the highest level of quality, both in its design and presentation. Printed on an HP Indigo 10,000 press, leather bound, debossed and foil stamped.

Leather Bound Catalogue of Work

Book Content
A 2400 word essay on the building and philosophies behind Hous Studios.
A 4400 word essay on the working practice and career of Noah Minuskin.
Over 100 full page spreads dedicated to the catalogues of Noah’s Tattoo work and Paintings over the years 2012–2015.
Leather bound cover, Debossed and Foil Stamp
10" x 10"
Page Count
Kater Craft
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